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Sunflower Oil market 2016/2017 MY (Marketing Years)

пїјThis has happened since the times of the USSR that Ukraine is the world leader in the production of sunflower oil. Today Ukraine produces more than a third of the world's total volume of sunflower oil. Summed up the results of work of agrarians in 2015-16 marketing years and made a forecast for 2016-17 marketing years.

In 2015-2016 MY the share of Ukraine in the world market of sunflower oil was 55,5%

Export of sunflower oil by Ukraine in 2015-16 MY has reached the level of 4.5 million tons. The favorable climate for the cultivation of this oilseed crop, the large areas involved in its crops, the traditional orientation towards growing sunflower and the experience accumulated over many decades have become components of Ukraine's success in the world market. It should be added that in Ukraine there are more than 40 large oil extraction. Refineries with a total average annual capacity of 5.5 to 6 million tons of processed sunflower seeds. To these should be added the total capacity of a huge number of small independent oil refineries, which, according to experts, is more than half a million tons. The Ukrainian market of sunflower is more focused on the domestic processor, which is facilitated by a number of reasons, including high export duties a

For the sunflower seeds.

Therefore, the major role is played by large Oil Refineries , which determine the need for raw materials and orient agricultural producers on them.

For several years, the world market has demonstrated a steady increase in demand for sunflower oil.

The share of the world market of sunflower oil in 54-56% (experts' estimates are somewhat different) is maintained by Ukraine for several years in a row. In the past 2014-2015 marketing year, our country exported 3.87 million tons of this product for export, and its share in the world market was the same stable 55%. According to the results of the last 2015-2016 season , the main importers of Ukrainian sunflower oil were India (34%) and China (15%). It should be noted that 96% of sunflower oil imported by China is produced exactly in Ukraine. The share of export of sunflower oil in the total volume of exported by Ukraine products for this period amounted to a significant 9%.

пїјThe current state of the Ukrainian market of sunflower oil

While the external vector was and still is the main vector for Ukrainian producers of sunflower oil, they were able to fully meet the needs of the domestic market in their products. On the shelves of Ukrainian shops it is almost impossible to find a single bottle of imported sunflower oil. At the same time, its consumption by the Ukrainian market for food needs ranges from 15 to 20 percent of the total volume of sunflower oil produced by Ukraine.

Over the years, Ukraine is the world leader in the production of sunflower oil. In the 2015-16 marketing year, a serious competitive struggle for the European sales market developed between Ukrainian and Russian exporters of sunflower oil, while Ukrainians gained a confident victory. The high quality of Ukrainian sunflower oil earned him high popularity even on the premium EU market. With varying success, the trade wars of Ukrainian and Russian sunflower oil exporters continue for the markets of Turkey and Egypt. Experts also forecast a serious competitive struggle for the huge Chinese market, at which Ukrainian exporters are still confidently leading.

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