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Wednesday, 17 August 2016 15:24

Until very recently, small ukrainian farms have tended to avoid planting niche culture because it's not very profitable per hectare. Commercially, wheat is grown in such vast quantities that it's usually sold not by the tons but by the thousands ton. Long time society has considered wheat a ordinary "commodity" like iron ore or cotton.



Wheat don't need packing and load bulk to ship.

But that’s all about to change. Wild Wheat-spelts,flax,coriander,chickpeas,lentils,millet is experiencing a renaissance like goods for export.
Arabic importers,indian food buyers, and another foreighn traders discover that each kernel of ukrainian niche culture holds a universe of long-forgotten flavors:
Peas,faba,spelts,flax,coriander,chickpeas,lentils,millet from Ukraine tastes better from Peas,faba,spelts,flax,coriander,chickpeas,lentils,millet in Canada,India or China,

And when wheat is no longer treated as a high-volume/low-price commodity, small farmers can start commanding top dollar for unique grain grown in a unique way on their unique land.
Most farms are not certified as organic in Ukraine.
But Ukraine is a part of the Soviet Union was cut off from the rest of the world.
Therefore, the use of pesticides, genetically of modified crops even today kpayne limited.
Accordingly, the Ukrainian Peas,faba,spelts,flax,coriander,chickpeas,lentils,millet, walnuts are completely organic or semi-organic de-facto

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