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Tuesday, 17 December 2013 14:50

The world market for walnuts is quite specific , as production continues to be carried out extensive method , and the area potentially suitable for the cultivation of land bounded: walnut can normally ripen  at area 6-14 % of the planet  only .

At the same time, walnut does not require special care , the tree begins to bear fruit after 7-10 years after planting and retains this ability for five centuries . Therefore, the production of walnuts is very profitable and does not require large expenditures. According to experts, to grow one ton of walnuts is much cheaper than getting the same amount of wheat or grapes. Due to the lack of complete and reliable statistics on world production of walnuts estimate its real current volume is difficult.


However, after 2010 with the relevant information has ceased to provide one of the leading manufacturers of walnuts - Iran , "USDA" also stopped publishing data on global crop. With reasonable certainty can only say that from 2001 to 2013 , world production of raw walnuts grown from 1.4 million to 2.5 million tons in 2013 .

The world total  agricultural land  with walnuts amounted to 834.9 thousand hectares , or approximately 0.54 % of the total arable land .

A distinctive feature of the production of walnuts is an extremely high level of concentration : the share of the two leading producers of countries - China and the United States - in 2012  accounted for over 60 % of world production , and the share of  Ukraine - more than 5%. Another important feature is sufficiently sharp fluctuations for the

quantity of walnuts crops from year to year ( this is especially characteristic of China and Turkey) . In China, the walnut has become one of the nation's food . In 2013  production compared to 1962 increased by 19 times . Walnuts grown in China throughout the country , but about 45 % of the production is concentrated in the southern provinces of Yunnan and Sichuan , as well as the central Shanxi Province . The situation is different in the U.S., where 99% of the production is concentrated in the main walnut  area California 's Central Valley , the mild climate and deep fertile soils which are ideal for their cultivation . The total area of ​​this crop in California, has not changed over the years and is 227 thousand acre. Thus, the level of production of walnut in the U.S. depends on the average yield , which can vary quite significantly : in 2010 it amounted to 2.2 tons per acre, in 2011 - 2.05 tons / acre, in 2012. - 2.01 tons / acre. The greatest production of walnuts per capita in 2012 was registered in Turkey - 2.42 kg and Iran - 2.37 kg.

Geography of world consumption of walnuts is much broader geography of production due to their extremely useful consumer properties , due to which they themselves nuts and made ​​from they are widely used oil in cooking , medicine, cosmetics and other fields. At the same time consumption stand clear leaders , far ahead of other countries . In recent years, those were China , the EU, the U.S. and Turkey . In 2012, the highest growth rate of consumption of walnuts have been recorded in Mexico ( 47% ) , Vietnam ( 37% ), India ( 28% ) and China ( 20% ) . Due to the rather narrow range of walnut growers geographical distribution of exports has a lot to do with the geography of production, and the geographical distribution of imports - the geography of consumption. There are, however , some differences.

Foremost among these is that the world's largest exporter of walnuts is not China .The  largest walnuts exporter is U.S.A., where their cultivation and production are mainly export-based . In China , despite the huge amount of production , almost all grown nuts are consumed domestically and for export is directed only a relatively small part of them . In general, producers of walnuts highest export share are Chile ( 91%) and Ukraine (83%) . Major consumers of walnuts tonnes ( according to 2012)  Japan  30.0   Russia  25.0 India  25.0  Resp . Korea  22.0 Canada 20.0 Hong Kong  15.0 Ukraine 10.5 Brazil 9.9 Australia 9.8 Syria 10.0

Major exporters of walnuts    USA   300.0  and  Ukraine 75.0 thousand tonnes.

At 2013 , the dynamics of world prices for different varieties of walnuts had its own specifics , but the general was widespread decline in prices during the summer months in 2013 prices to the Chinese variety "Light halves" ( kernel , min. 80%) I half of 2013, held near $ 4.90 / kg, in July-August fell sharply to $ 3.65-4.20 / kg, and by the end of the year gradually recovered to $ 4.90 / kg  and remained at this level in the I quarter of 2013 . Prices walnuts grade "Chandler" ( in-shell California and Chilean production ) in the I half of 2013, gradually rose from $ 5.00 to $ 5,30-5,35 / kg, in July-August fell to $ 4 , 60/kg . , and since autumn began to grow rapidly in the first months of 2013 reached $ 5.80-5.85 / kg.

Prices for Class "Combo" ( halves and pieces ) in the I half of 2013 fluctuated in a narrow range near $ 6.80 / kg, in July- August fell to $ 5.50 /kg, and from autumn rushed up , reaching in I quarter of 2013 to almost $ 6.50 / kg.   In April-May 2013 California walnut growers did not commit active trading and temporized , as prices reached its peak in the I quarter of 2013 , started to turn down . This greatly contributed to the strengthening of the dollar, weakens the position of U.S. exporters on the world market nuts. Downward trend did not hit even information that the bulk of last year's crop is already sold out . At the same time, walnuts southern European and Indian producers continued to enjoy good demand . Analysts attribute this to greater competitiveness of products from these regions as compared to the U.S. , despite the fact that the quality of nuts here above. With the serious difficulties faced Turkish exporters of walnuts as their biggest customer - Syria - sharply reduced purchases due to the complex political situation

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