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Ukraine - OVERSEAS – MARKET Walnut REPORT June, 2015

This week, markets trade weak for Agri commodities  -milet,corn,wheat,sunflower seeds,walnuts as favourable reports on the Donbass War front keep trend weak .

World market walnuts, 2013-2014.

The world market for walnuts is quite specific , as production continues to be carried out extensive method , and the area potentially suitable for the cultivation of land bounded: walnut can normally ripen  at area 6-14 % of the planet  only .

Major changes in the grain export Olympus: Ukraine may take 2nd place in the world in terms of grain exports

Thanks to an unprecedented high crop 2013

Ukraine plans to enter the 2nd largest in the world after the USA in terms of grain exports during the current marketing year (July 2013 to June 2014)

According to forecasts of Ukrainian experts, the record crop and its high quality will enable the country to occupy the third position in terms of supply to foreign markets corn, 4th - on exports of barley and 5 th - the sale of wheat.
In the current marketing year, world grain trade will be expected to 290 million tonnes

On the eve of the Minister of Agrarian Policy and Food Prysyazhnyuk said that Ukraine from July 2013 exported 2.5 million tons of grain from 28-30 million tonnes, which is planned to supply abroad, accounting for half of the projected 58-60 million tons of grain harvest.

Ukrainian peas has two advantages over Canadian - the price and freight rate - experts opinion

In recent work with the major grain is becoming increasingly difficult, and many grain exporters are increasingly switching to the so-called niche culture. Among them, peas, food and fodder,Chickpeas,yellow millet , white and red millet, flax seeds, false flax, coriander, mustard.  Ukrainian market operators sell   whole and split  peas, food and fodder,Chickpeas,yellow millet , white and red millet, flax seeds, false flax, coriander, mustard. What exactly attracts traders to work with peas.



Kazakhstan grain market: first results of the grain season-2012/13

Season-2011/12 saw a record grain crop in Kazakhstan. Kazakh agrarians harvested almost 27 mln tonnes of grain last season among which wheat totaled 22.7 mln tonnes. So we could not objectively compare the trends and tendencies of the current season with the last one. So APK-Inform experts compared and contrasted the initial results of season-2012/13 with the same period of 2010/11 MY.

Harvest: you could not step twice into the same river

Where is the World cheapest grain ? USa , Russia or ...

Ukraine , the world’s Third-biggest wheat exporter  is offering the largest discount on the grain in at least four years and targeting buyers in Southeast Asia and Middle East.

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